Mabon Camp 2022

From June 18th (Saturday) to 25th (Saturday) 2022 in Vöhringen (Bavaria)

As we want to offer a camp for beginners and advanced participants, we have 2 paths:

  • Elements of Magic – the first of the Reclaiming core classes – is the ideal path to start with.
    But advanced learners can discover new aspects and learn techniques anew every single time.
  • Seven Inner Guides is the “slightly different path”. Its shamanistic approach takes us deep within ourselves, and suits beginners and advanced participants.

And the camp theme has its own challenges to offer!

Camp Theme

What does it mean to journey together on a quest to lost parts of our self and our own power?
Come join us as we visit the ancient Celtic story of Mabon, where we travel through the darkness to reconnect with what makes us whole and powerful as practitioners of magic.

Path: Elements of Magic

This path is an introduction to the magical work with the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and center. It teaches the basic knowledge about magical tools, how to set up a full ritual, and how to integrate this all into our daily lives as part of the Reclaiming community.
Teachers: Pe, Helen

Path: Seven Inner Guides Path

In this path we learn to work with deep imagery, as we journey through the seven chakras. We visit our inner guides, re-connect and possibly re-integrate parts of ourselves we may have lost or alienated. On the way we learn several magical tools, with focus on how to lead trances and communicate while in a trance.
Teachers: Martin, Kathrin

Camp Info

The Camp follows the current regulations of Germany and Bavaria with regards to coronavirus. You only can be part of camp if you are fully vaccinated. In addition, we require all participants and teachers to regularly test themselves during camp.

Arrival: Sat June 18th between 12:30 and 14:00
Departure: Sat June 25th between 14:30 und 17:00

Contribution towards expenses: 520€ / social tariff 260€
(including board and lodging)

Here you can find general information about our camps.